Friday, June 22, 2012

A New Quilt Show in Tumalo, OR!

A new quilt show! 

Have a quilt that is handmade? 
Maybe one you or your grandma made?
We will be hanging quilts outside for the show on 
Friday the 13th of July.
Contact me at !

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A wonderful time was had by ALL!

At our Sculpture Garden Grand Opening on Sat. June 2 at TAW

Debe listens to just a couple of "Papa-isms". 
Why don't we all slow down and listen to more of the pearls of wisdom 
that fall from the lips of those who've been on our Earth for awhile?!
To see some of Debe's lovely scarves   CLICK HERE!

A rare picture that i've titled "A happy Black Bird"
 For those of you who've seen Crow's work,now you've seen him!
 If you haven't seen some of Crow's work...  CLICK HERE!

Debbie Parrish and Barbara Berry chatting at the party on Sat. at our gallery
in Tumalo, OR. We are very lucky. We all like each other! <3
Barbara has her work on our site, to see it
please CLICK HERE!