Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our home away from Etsy!

All 6 of us S.A.s show at this gallery in Tumalo, OR.
 It's a wonderful gallery that's owned and operated by a very gracious lady! 
We all enjoy it there, Especially the parties!! 
And boy, are we about to have a big one! (Party, that is!) 
Our Sculpture Garden is about to come to life on June 2nd. 
Our artists come, bring food, talk about their art when asked, 
swap techniques with each other and generally just enjoy 
the heck out of each other! 
If you've never been to an artist's party you have missed out. 
Follow this  THIS LINK  to find out the how, 
where and when and come join the fun!

This is Doe, our gallery owner and in general hardest working woman 
on this side of the planet.  She's standing in front of Debbie's fish, 
(along with several other talented artist's work)
 which you've yet to see but... she says they're 
coming soon to an S.A. etsy site near you!

On the far right is some of  CROW'S  work, 
front and center as soon as you walk in the door! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We're having our FIRST EVER SALE!

To see more of Debe's work  CLICK HERE!

Debe of Inspirational Designs Scarves has put her beautiful ribbon yarn scarves and shawls on 25% off! 
Click the above link and go to her shop to see all of the amazing color and 
ribbon combinations in each piece she creates. Most ribbon scarves you see online are made with one 
strand only, Debe uses 2 different strands in each piece so they have a depth and richness 
that doesn't show up in the pictures but can be seen and definitely felt! 
She buys her ribbons and ribbon ladder yarns from all around the world. This lady's got connections!!

To see more of Jae's work  CLICK HERE

Hi, it's Jae again... i own Feather Moon Beading and Sisters Embroidery Co.
I've gone exclusive with TAW Gallery in Tumalo, OR so when i pulled out of the Sisters gallery that left me with a much larger supply of my dichroic pendants than i need. As it says in my listings on etsy...
"Too much inventory means your discount!" 
Dichroic glass is almost impossible to photograph, at least by me! It's really gorgeous in person, 
depth and all kinds of colors. For instance,  if you get a blue pendant... 
it's gonna be like 8 kinds of blue! 
These have been a collaborate effort between Debe and i that sell REALLY well! 
Lucky me, she makes her strands to match my pendants and Man, do all the ladies love them! 

Sisters Artisans can be found in a lot of places all over the internet! Here are some of our links: 
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Workin' it!

"Music of the leaves II" by Barbara Berry

Click  HERE  to see more of her work on etsy.

Barbara developed an interest in art at a very early age. Before she could even write she was drawing realistically! Spending much of her time drawing, she continued developing her talent throughout high school with the addition 
of private lessons and summer classes at the American Academy of Art, Chicago. 
Attending Northern Illinois University, Metropolitan State College, Denver, and the University of Northern Colorado, 
she was introduced to many diverse styles. This diversity can be seen in her painting.
For the last 28 years Barbara has painted full time and shared her knowledge through workshops and classes.

Barbara's use of media and the exploration of media and techniques is a constant focus of her work. 
Combining elements of the Impressionists, Georgia O'Keefe, and Van Gogh, it is best termed contemporary realism featuring closeup images to invite the viewer to "enter" and participate in every scene she paints! Working in acrylics, oils & watercolor frees her to be able to create unique effects that are impossible with one medium alone.

Barbara in her studio in Sisters, OR

The content of Barbara's art seeks to capture the energy, essence and spirit of Nature and to portray our relationship to Nature and Spirit. This goes along with the notion that we are all part of a cohesive Whole, and each part of that Whole, makes a difference and contributes a unique and different perspective. A great reverence for Life and for each living thing, is the driving force behind her paintings. She believes great art is about vision, and vision is about inner Truth. She paints her inner vision, the truth of each subject as she sees it, always striving to catch the essence of the subject. 
Here, she will never compromise. She will always listen to her own inner Voice.

Reaching through the veil of what we call reality, are those artists who are bridges between the worlds of Spirit and Matter. Bringing through visions of stunning beauty, compelling harmony and peace, these beings seek to reconcile 
these Worlds for all humanity.  Barbara Berry is one such artist. 
Each work encompasses a unique view of the subject, whether a close- up of a Nature subject, an image of man's relationship to Spirit, or a painting of Light & Shadow.  Each image seeks to capture the subject's essence and recapture and communicate the emotions of the artist.
She is a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon and has been included in many juried national exhibitions.
In 2004 she was included in Who's Who in Executives and Professionals. Her work is in collections 
throughout the U.S., Europe,and Australia. Barbara is currently represented by several galleries in the Western U.S. 
Please feel free to leave a comment with any questions on her work, workshops, or classes.   ~jae

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hi, i'm Annie, the orphan raccoon who lives under Jae's deck. 
Yes, i recognize a sucker when i see one! 
She feeds me cuz i don't know what happened to my other Mommy.

I guess we're not supposed to admit stuff like this but... i don't know how to blog! I need all kinds of
help! I need a direction, i don't know how to add links to other peoples blogs and on and on!
Anyone out there have time they wouldn't mind giving a clueless ol' lady?!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Wouldn't Mom love these?! Solid Sterling Silver with a beautiful Periwinkle crystal dangle. To see more of Crow's work and get the real specs on these earrings, follow the link below.

Buy it here!

This beautiful rendering of poppies by Barbara Berry is called "Poppy Love III". Done in Barb's indomitable style, this warm, wonderful print would make a great addition to her home. At 8" x 10" and limited to 500 editions, this print is ready to frame in whatever style is about all your Mom!

Buy it here!