Wednesday, April 4, 2012


   It’s official. Sisters Artisans, the six-person group of artists making artsy things and selling them now has a blog.
   “An art blog, in my internet?” you ask. (Rudely, I might add.) In any case, it’s not exactly an art blog. Yes, there will be art from our favorite six featured on here. You’ll also see biographies, chatter on artsy-schmartsy daily life, and we might even throw some helpful how-to articles at you.
   This kind offer would probably be even more appealing if you knew, really, what Sisters Artisans is. If you’re an astute reader you picked up on my subtle mention in the first paragraph. The bit that went, the six-person group of artists making artsy things and selling them. Their art is diverse, ranging from sexy scarves to pretty paintings to fabulous fused glass to anything else for which I can find alliteration.
   Barbara, Ann, Jae, Debe, Crow, and Debbie are all hotshots in their respective mediums, and they’ve banded together to give each other support. Conveniently for you, beloved reader, this also means a sizeable percentage of the world’s good stuff has been placed together for you to access easily.
   Expect a post soon featuring one of our ultra-talented artists. Until then, one of her scarves for your consideration:

(not an artist)

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