Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We're having our FIRST EVER SALE!

To see more of Debe's work  CLICK HERE!

Debe of Inspirational Designs Scarves has put her beautiful ribbon yarn scarves and shawls on 25% off! 
Click the above link and go to her shop to see all of the amazing color and 
ribbon combinations in each piece she creates. Most ribbon scarves you see online are made with one 
strand only, Debe uses 2 different strands in each piece so they have a depth and richness 
that doesn't show up in the pictures but can be seen and definitely felt! 
She buys her ribbons and ribbon ladder yarns from all around the world. This lady's got connections!!

To see more of Jae's work  CLICK HERE

Hi, it's Jae again... i own Feather Moon Beading and Sisters Embroidery Co.
I've gone exclusive with TAW Gallery in Tumalo, OR so when i pulled out of the Sisters gallery that left me with a much larger supply of my dichroic pendants than i need. As it says in my listings on etsy...
"Too much inventory means your discount!" 
Dichroic glass is almost impossible to photograph, at least by me! It's really gorgeous in person, 
depth and all kinds of colors. For instance,  if you get a blue pendant... 
it's gonna be like 8 kinds of blue! 
These have been a collaborate effort between Debe and i that sell REALLY well! 
Lucky me, she makes her strands to match my pendants and Man, do all the ladies love them! 

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