Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our home away from Etsy!

All 6 of us S.A.s show at this gallery in Tumalo, OR.
 It's a wonderful gallery that's owned and operated by a very gracious lady! 
We all enjoy it there, Especially the parties!! 
And boy, are we about to have a big one! (Party, that is!) 
Our Sculpture Garden is about to come to life on June 2nd. 
Our artists come, bring food, talk about their art when asked, 
swap techniques with each other and generally just enjoy 
the heck out of each other! 
If you've never been to an artist's party you have missed out. 
Follow this  THIS LINK  to find out the how, 
where and when and come join the fun!

This is Doe, our gallery owner and in general hardest working woman 
on this side of the planet.  She's standing in front of Debbie's fish, 
(along with several other talented artist's work)
 which you've yet to see but... she says they're 
coming soon to an S.A. etsy site near you!

On the far right is some of  CROW'S  work, 
front and center as soon as you walk in the door! 


  1. It sounds great!
    I wish I could see those fish better. They look great!

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